Dr. Al Tuchfarber, Political, Economic and Social Change Building Blocks for a New Era

Political, Economic and Social Change
Building Blocks for a New Era

Dr. Al Tuchfarber,  Professor Emeritus of Political Science – University of Cincinnati, Owner – Tuchfarber Political-Economics, LLC, and Blogger – TuchfarberReport.com will be our speaker on November 1, 2018.

The world is clearly in transition to a new era. The post-WWII era has ended, but we do not yet have anything other than a fuzzy picture of where we are now and where we are going.

Dr.Tuchfarber will not attempt to completely define the new era but will discuss, in practical terms, some of the major building blocks that will help shape the new era.

These include:

  1. The meaning and consequences of an America First foreign policy
  2. The coming economic stagnation and decline of China
  3. Worldwide populism and nationalism
  4. The dramatic effects of demographic changes
  5. The rapidly changing American political party coalitions

He will also give Rotary a sneak peak at how the Nov. 6 elections might turn-out.

  • Al Tuchfarber is an academic and entrepreneur who has had a successful career as a teacher, researcher, senior administrator, campaign manager, political analyst, organizational strategist, and writer.
  • He holds a PhD in political science and has well over 100 publications.
  • Al’s intellectual and practical interests are very wide-ranging. He has spent his career both in the arena of ideas but also in the “real-world” where the rubber hits the road…where things must work.
  • Areas of special interest to him are American politics and political-economics, global politics and global political-economics, political polling, campaign and organizational strategies, demographics, and societal change.
  • Tuchfarber founded the Ohio Poll and directed it for a quarter century. The Poll established a remarkable record for accuracy in predicting elections and has been rated one of the nation’s best.
  • Al brings that experience and skill-set to his weekly blog — the Tuchfarber Report, as well as to his consulting, speaking, and writing.
  • His predictions are 80 to 95% accurate because they are based on facts, data, history and common sense…NOT on ideology, partisanship, or hopes.

In 2014 and 2016 Tuchfarber predicted the American election results with great accuracy, unlike a large majority of the pundits. He did so because he has a deep understanding of the voters’ priorities and thinking, as well as of the rapidly changing coalitions that make up the American political parties.

As a political-economic analyst and author of the Tuchfarber Report, Al brings you insights and forecasts that you will not find elsewhere.