Jack E. Lechner, Jr., Former Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery

Mr. Lechner is the President & CEO, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He is a 1990 graduate of the CCMS Bachelor of Mortuary Science program (summa cum laude). His previous at position was at HQDA Pentagon where he was responsible for integrating logistics support for acquisitions that are estimated to require expenditure of more than $480 million during the fiscal year or procurement of more than $2.79 billion for the life of the program.

One day after his retirement ceremony from the Army, Colonel Jack E. Lechner, Jr. was asked to revoke his retirement orders and accept an assignment at Arlington National Cemetery. He reported in June 2010 as part of the new leadership team empowered to restore honor in the face of the major 2010 scandal at Arlington National Cemetery. He served as the Executive Officer, Cemetery Administrator, Deputy Superintendent, and culminated his five year tenure by serving as Superintendent until 10 August 2015.

Under Mr. Lechner’s leadership and stewardship, Arlington National Cemetery was restored to its rightful position of honor as a National Shrine. Automated systems were developed for scheduling/record keeping, a geospatial mapping system was created to assign and track grave/niche assignments, the most stringent chain of custody system was established to ensure every family received the peace of mind that comes from being certain where their loved one has been laid to rest, an award winning app provided families and the 3.1 million tourist per year with the ability to find any grave or tour the cemetery using their smart phone. When Mr. Lechner departed Arlington National Cemetery the $71.8 million Millennium Project was on budget and on time to be completed in June 2016 adding 27 acres and 27,282 interment/inurnment opportunities. The $247 million southern expansion project was well underway and the Army had taken possession of approximately 40 contiguous acres to the south, and the $70.8 million annual budget was executed as programmed. 

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