Marc Alverson - RAPTOR, Inc.


RAPTOR, Inc. is an acronym for the “Regional Association for the Protection and Treatment of Raptors.” For over 40 years, this non-profit has rescued and rehabilitated raptors of all kinds, from bald eagles and hawks to falcons, owls and vultures right here in Cincinnati. In addition, they provide raptor and conservation education, presenting 350 ‘live bird’ presentations annually to schools and organizations across greater Cincinnati.  Our program speaker is the RAPTOR Board President, Marc Alverson. Marc will speak to us about the origins and growth of their organization (with a few live birds for us to see!). And, specifically, how they’ve developed an expanded mission to create a new public-oriented destination and attraction in Cincinnati.

LOCATION: Hall of Mirrors
MENU: Field greens with blueberries, goat cheese, & raspberry vinaigrette; Regular Entrée – roasted pork loin with mashed potatoes, haricot vert & mustard cream; and white chocolate mousse.
ALTERNATE MENU: Vegetarian Entrée – fried feta with mashed potatoes, haricot vert & mustard cream OR Salad Entrée – baby kale with bacon lardoons, bleu cheese crumbles, and pear & citrus vinaigrette (GF).