Friendly Sons of St. Patrick

is a private organization dedicated to the principles of brotherhood, charity and community service. Since the founding of the organization in 1771, the society has maintained a tradition of openness to Irish as well as non-Irish men of goodwill, without regard to ethnic or religious origin. As the society moves into the new millennium our membership continues to grow and our commitment to the founding principles and traditions is strong.

LOCATION: Hall of Mirrors
MENU: Romaine salad with roasted tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, & roasted garlic vinaigrette; seared salmon with couscous, olive relish, & roasted red pepper cream; and white chocolate mousse with almond biscotti.
Alternate Menu: Crispy feta with couscous, olive relish & roasted red pepper cream or grilled chicken Waldorf salad with bleu cheese, pickled grapes, walnuts, chives, apples, & Waldorf dressing (GF)