Jo Martin, Founder, Tattoo Removal Ink

After retiring from a 30-year corporate career, Jo Martin started volunteering at the Kenton County Detention Center, tutoring GED subjects.

That tutoring experience led her to start a non-profit, called Tattoo Removal Ink or TRI.  TRI provides free tattoo removal for the formerly-incarcerated, the formerly-gang-involved and for human trafficking victims who want to redirect their lives. Removing offensive tattoos from hands, neck and face removes a significant barrier to good employment.

Because of her work with Tattoo Removal Ink, she was named  one of’s Women of the Year  in 2017. Jo is the mother of five grown children with 12 grandchildren. 

LOCATION: Hall of Mirrors
Iceberg salad with carrots, radish, charred corn & yum yum dressing and sugar cookie – salad appetizer and dessert for all entrees.

Regular Entrée – Teriyaki glazed chicken with fried rice, & roasted broccolini.
Vegetarian Entrée – Teriyaki glazed tofu with fried rice & roasted broccolini.
Salad Entrée – Blackened chicken with bleu cheese, tomatoes, romaine & port wine bleu cheese dressing.