Dr. Paul Keck, Lindner Center of HOPE

Dr. Paul Keck is the founding president and CEO of Lindner Center of HOPE, one of America’s leading comprehensive centers for mental health and addiction treatment and research.

A Dartmouth graduate, Dr. Paul Keck has been among the top 10 most cited scientists in the world in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. He has conducted extensive research in bipolar disorder and is the author of more than 500 scientific papers in leading medical journals.

Dr. Keck has authored over 200 reviews and chapters to major psychiatric textbooks. He serves on the editorial boards of seven leading journals and on the board of the American Psychiatric Association Institute for Research and Education.

Location: Hall of Mirrors
Menu: Iceberg lettuce with roasted corn, red peppers, tortilla strips & chipotle ranch dressing and snickerdoodle cookie – salad appetizer and dessert for all entrees.

Regular Entrée – Grilled bistro tender with crispy potatoes, haricot vert & chimichurri relish (GF).
Vegetarian Entrée – Fried feta with yellow rice, haricot vert & chimichurri relish.
Salad Entrée – Grilled chicken over bibb lettuce with radishes, orange segments, toasted hazelnuts & orange vinaigrette.