Firefighter Recognition

Join us this Thursday as we honor four members of the Cincinnati Fire Department for their individual accomplishments and their service to our community.

Administrative Award
Bravery/Valor Award
Community Service Award
Self Improvement Award

The Cincinnati Fire Chief will introduce the day’s honorees and bring us up-to-date on the latest happenings in the department.

Location: Hall of Mirrors
Menu: Iceberg lettuce with shaved carrots, crispy rice noodles, tomatoes & ginger dressing and white chocolate mousse – salad appetizer and dessert for all entrees.
Regular Entrée – Stir-fried shrimp with garlic spinach & fried rice. 
Vegetarian Entrée – Stir-fried vegetables with garlic spinach & fried rice.
Salad Entrée – Spinach salad with blackened chicken, roasted peppers, pine nuts & bleu cheese (GF)