World Affairs Presentation and B the Keeper: Brandon Reynolds

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B the Keeper: Brandon Reynolds on the Zen of Beekeeping

Brandon Reynold’s first encounter with beekeeping was in 2014 during a co-op experience. He split his days between working at a startup accelerator, finishing his marketing degree, and gardening at Carriage House Farm. At the farm, he worked alongside a beekeeper that tended to the farm’s pollinator habitats. Brandon says, “He’d have on this big old hazmat chemical spill suit and be digging in these boxes. At this time all I knew about bees was that they stung you and that they made honey. I was like ‘Alright, that guy’s weird.’ That chapter closes, I graduate, story is done.” 

Brandon spent the next few years post-graduation working in advertising and giving little thought about pollinators. But with the news reporting on the decline of bee populations and the dwindling global food supply, beekeeping came back to the forefront of Brandon’s mind. He says, “In 2017 I left my job in advertising because I knew that I wanted to do something that was sustainable.” He called up Richard Stewart, the farm manager and beekeeper at Carriage House Farm, and asked to learn more about beekeeping. Visit this link to view the rest of the story: B the Keeper: Brandon Reynolds on the Zen of Beekeeping | University Of Cincinnati (

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