Rotarians to Host Holiday Party at Roselawn Condon School

The Rotary Club of Cincinnati, the region’s leading professional service organization, hosts their annual Christmas party for the students with disabilities at Roselawn-Condon School this Tuesday, December 4, 2018. Every year, Rotarians head to Roselawn-Condon school to do crafts, sing songs and eat cake and ice cream with the kids. The highlight of the party was a special visit from Santa Claus who brought each child a gift, generously donated by Rotarians. The cafeteria burst with excitement as the students unwrapped their gifts to find a special item or toy they had requested. Rotarians bought and wrapped 120 gifts for this year’s bash.  

“The celebration holds a special significance for Cincinnati Rotarians,” Mary Ronan, a Rotary Club member, explained. “The Rotary Club of Cincinnati actually helped create Condon School, and when it first opened in 1925, it was one of the first schools in the entire country that was specifically designed for orthopedically handicapped children. Its creation provided so many children with disabilities educational opportunities they might otherwise not have had at that time, and it continues to be a place of hope and opportunity for children with disabilities today.”