Rotary and All We Are Install Lighting in Another School in Uganda

We finished our sixth installation late last week at Victory Junior School in Masurite County. Victory Junior was founded as a free school that students could attend without paying tuition and is located in a part of Uganda that does not have access to grid power. Throughout the course of our installations we have shown the importance of solar power in support of education, during this installation, a local Police Chief came to Victory Junior, and shed some light on how our work creates a safer learning environment for these schools.

“I am extremely happy with the support of the Rotary Clubs in America, who thought it wise enough to assist us with solar power at this school. The presence of solar power at this school will assist me with the prevention of crime. In the past, this area has been in darkness and people could use that opportunity to come and disorganize the children here. And number two, the presence of this light is going to assist us in promoting the performance of this school.”

 You will find in the video, a rural school that is grateful for the support of Rotary. As we get to the tail-end of our series of installation, our team now moves to Mitiyana, Uganda for our next installation.