Rotary Club of Cincinnati Partners with All We Are – Solarize Uganda Now (SUN) To Light Up Schools

All We Are School Solar Project - August 2016

The Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati’s World Affairs Fund administered by the Rotary Club of Cincinnati’s World Community Service Committee  partnered with the seven-year-old, 501c3, All We Are, to recently complete their largest yet solar installation in the Kingstone College School in Kayunga, Uganda. The Rotary Club of Nateete-Kampala is our on-the-ground

partner. The project included 69 indoor lights, 56 outdoor lights providing 7500 watts to over 700 students, soon to grow to l000 students.   The Kingstone College School

provides an education to the children of low income passionfruit and pineapple farmers.  Solar lighting not only makes the school safer, World Bank studies show that performance standards

increase with adequate solar lighting.  The project’s education component focuses on teaching the benefits of sustainable energy.  Local labor is used for the installations, and solar equipment is sourced in Uganda. Energy savings are put back into the school for further installations and maintenance.  The Bright School and the 91 Four Project women’s rehabilitation center for at-risk girls in Uganda have also been solarized due to the partnership between Rotary Club of Cincinnati, Rotary Club of Nateete Kampala, and All We Are.

All We Are is run by 24-year-old Findlay, Ohioan, Nathan Thomas, who graduated from UC’s School of Engineering in 2015.  His new job with German firm, Leoni, landed Nate in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he serves as of July as the President of the Mid-Town Raleigh Rotary Club. Nate has been doing projects in Uganda since he was sixteen and hopes to begin to train Ugandan women as solar installers.